Operating conditions

Operator Railsformers s.r.o. of site www.srecipes.eu has no responsibility for any loss which would begin in result of using of informations written on this site.

Operator of this site reserves all rights for all informations on this site. Any other using, distribution of information is possible only with writtent ocnsent of operator. Using of particular peaces or whole content is is possible only for personal using.

Any interfering to content or technical principle of server www.srecipes.eu is prohibited without approving of operator. Only operator has law of changing any peace of this site.

Operator reserves law to limit or cancel any user registration, if user try to unapprovely get information or disrupt the stability of system or do some non etic activity on portal.

On our site displays advertisements of 3rd party companies. These companies can use informations (but not name, address, email or telephone number) about your visits of this site, or on page you are interested in by advertisement.

If you want to learn more about these processes, how you block these companies about getting informations from you, read this.

For all datas publicated on this site is responsible user, which it created. This applies especially picture like, but also other datas, which are subjects to copyright. User is responsible for creating or publishing datas on this server by his registration in accordance with the laws, especially not violate laws of other users.


  1. Copied recipes will not be publicated, also user who creates this recipe can be blocked.
  2. If user publicates his recipes also in other recipe sites, and he also add these on site www.srecipes.eu, then he must report it to operator. In this case, it i recommended to user that he added recipes by his user name on all sites.
  3. If any user tries to publicate other user's recipe, he must send source or author, or he can originally edit recipe and add it by his name.
  4. If user find datas that violates author laws, he must report it to www.srecipes.eu operator.

Other reasons for unapproving recipe or other addings are these:

  1. Duplicity: user should to check if recipe does not exist in our database before he add it. If foods have only the same titles, but ingredients or cooking process is different, just add number to the end of recipe title or rename it. If differents are small, user can add comment to existing recipe.
  2. Incompleteness, inappropriateness: Every recipe must have all its ingredients written and amounts. Cooking process should be written like for a beginner. Aded photos must correspond with recipe.

Operator reserves to change operating conditions in any time and without pre atention to users. User is obliged to use this terms all the time.