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Goose with red cabbage

Difficulty Preparation time
Cooking time Total time Serving number
3hours 0minutes 3hours 30minutes
0 Calories 0.0g Sugars 0.0g Fats 0.0g Proteins


Goose quill by a hair good. It is best to get a tan remnants of the fire (on the stove or kitchen lighter). Withdrawals from the offal, which along with a goose properly wash. Then we cut the goose in the joints of the wings, Cut off the excess fat and neck. All well with salt and caraway seeds (and a goose inside!). Načistíme the onion and cut it into large pieces. Apples also clean, peel and remove the cores. Three apples we chop (4tvrté apple aside a sideways) to medium-sized pieces like onions. Then we mix apples and onions with chopped parsley leaves and stuffed stuffing a goose. Spread the remaining stuffing geese around, and it costs remnants goose (wings, guts and fat trimmings and neck, let a lot of goose dripping, because without that it would not be the same). Then just gently prick the skin with a fork piece, whether in baking leaking grease (be careful to puncture flesh! Goose would be too dry!). Cover with aluminum foil or a lid from a baking dish and bake for two hours at 180-200 ° C. Throughout goose podléváme dripping here and there we still prick the skin. After two hours we remove the lid or foil and bake until crisp, until it is properly roasted goose (about another hour), but remember often sprinkled roasted juice.
Meanwhile, as the goose in the oven, finely chop the red cabbage and add it to the remaining finely grated apple. Pour in the wine and a bit of water. Season with salt and caraway seeds. Until cabbage is soft, try again, or flavored with caraway seeds and salt to taste better and add about 4 tablespoons dripping from geese (if you have at home a piece of bacon, and it vyškvařte event to cabbage, it is better).
As a side dish, choose traditional bacon dumplings. We do not like it at home, so I bought Carlsbad, but it is also suitable common potato.

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