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St. Martin's goose with red cabbage

Difficulty Preparation time
Cooking time Total time Serving number
3hours 0minutes 3hours 1minutes
0 Calories 0.0g Sugars 0.0g Fats 0.0g Proteins


Clean the goose. Than select from her offal what wash well together with the goose. In the joints cut off wings of goose, cut off excess fat and neck. Salted everything well and add caraway seeds (even inside a goose!). Clean onions and cut on greater pieces. Apples also clean from peel and seed cell. Three apples cut to medium-sized pieces as well as onionson. Then mix apples and onions with chopped leaves of parsley and give the stuffing to the goose. The remaining stuffing give around the goose and on her put the remains of her (wings, viscera and trimmings of fat and neck). Then just gently punching a few holes by a fork, whether flowing in baking fat (careful to not punching a few holes to meat! Goose would be too dry!). Cover goose by foil or lid from baking dish and bake for two hours at 180-200° C. For all time of baking baste the goose and at times gently punching a few holes by a fork. After two hours remove foil or the lid and a leave it there for finish baking.
Meanwhile, when is the goose in the oven, cut the cabbage (finely) and add at him fourth apple (finely grated). Pour in wine and a bit of water. Season with salt and caraway seeds. When is cabbage soft again try salted and add cumin for taste better. As an attachment, select the bacon dumplings.

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