FOODPARADE 2013 – Food & Drink Festival

Let us invite you to the third year of the Foodparade festival organized by Chefparade Cooking school. This year's hot news is the cooking contest for the amateur cooks called I Love Food. Entries start on August 8 will take place directly at the festival. Task for the contestants is to prepare their original recipe which contains pumpkin as the main and mandatory ingredient of the 
dish. Recipes have to be sent to until August 30 select eight best recipes and the finalists will show their cooking art in front of the festival visitors. The winner of the competition can look forward to prizes of total of 50 000 CZK. Moreover, the recipes from the top three finalists will be published in the Chefparade cookery book and the winner gets an opportunity to create his own Pumpkin cooking course at Chefparade cooking school.
FOODPARADE 2013 – Food & Drink Festival
We are proud that we can offer degustation menus from the best Prague restaurants, an excellent selection of wines, delicious coffee, best beers, exotic cocktails and delicacies from all over the world. Live cooking shows led by Jana Vašáková and Martin Polačko will take place during the festival weekend, as well as the molecular gastronomy with Petr Koukolíček. Another highlight of the festival is the insect cuisine presented by David Švejnoha. La Truffe, a truffle restaurant, has prepared a unique experience of Fine Dining for all the guests of the festival. Last but not least, not only for men, there will be an authentic military menu served directly from the Field kitchen. Foodparade is a family festival as well, so for the youngest ones, there will be a free children area with a professional supervision. Children can enjoy funny cooking classes, drum lessons, various games, competitions and creative cooking workshops. English-speaking children are welcomed!

Confirmed participants:

Dock House, Dolce Villa, Green House, Hotel InterContinental, Chefparade Foodtruck, Krystal Mozaika Bistro, La Truffe, Máneska, Molekulární kuchyně, MOOD, Mozaika, Můj šálek kávy, Občanská plovárna, SCHOOL, Sushitime, Towerpark, U Modré Kachničky, Zlatá Praha 

doubleshot, Karlovarské minerální vody, Pivovar Chotěboř, WineWorld

Akoření, Cukrárna Saint Tropez, Food Love, Hmyzí kuchyně, Chefparade Warehouse, Italfood, Le Petite France Boulangerie, Palačinkárna Galetka, Pasta Art, Tomáš Babinec, Top Potraviny

Chefparade Cooking School, Polish Institute, Embassy of Great Britain 

Pre-sale tickets (
Adults: 300 CZK (100 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Students: 250 CZK (50 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Seniors: 250 CZK (50 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Children under 10: Free

On-site tickets:
Adults: 350 CZK (150 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Students: 275 CZK (75 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Seniors: 275 CZK (75 CZK entry + 200 CZK consumption)
Children under 10: Free

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